Saluda 18" Voodoo China Cymbal Reviews 5

I found this cymbal on, which is an auction site. The cymbal was $50 (I used the buy it now feature). I was very skeptical of buying a cymbal from a lesser known cymbal company. <P> I have heard a lot good things about their newer cymbals so I thought I would give this a try since it looked really good. <P> I haven't used a china cymbal for years so I figured this would be the perfect model and Saluda Voodoo sounds very cool!!!

The cymbal looks really awesome. The cymbal has a very fast china punch with a great attack. This cymbal sings like no other. I would say this is the best accent cymbal, perfect for using with your snare for a real fast pop. I love this cymbal! I might be hooked with Saluda! Watch out Zildjian, Sabian, and Piaste!

I would have preferred a brilliant finish which I don't think they offer in the Voodoo series.

The cymbal is well constructed. I have used it for a few days and I know it is going to hold up well. I already stated this is the best sounding china I have ever heard so the quality is very good. The blue logos really look good on the cymbal.

I really recommend these. These are professional cymbals. This has hand hammering like no other cymbal I have seen. I am a believer in Saluda Cymbals!

Jake Grayson rated this unit 5 on 2002-05-14.

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