Saluda 7" Vodoo Bell Reviews 5

I wanted a bell on my kit just to add an extra sound. I saw this on e-bay for like $45 or summit so I got it! This thing is made out of B20 bronze (like sabian AA.AAX.HH.HHX etc.) For $40summmit this is a steal!!!

Amazingly this thing is VERY loud and will cut though heavy crash riding! It has a clean and clear sound and is a lovely addition to any kit! You can also get a wide range of sounds from it, just hit it in a different place!

Nothing really, this cymbal rules!

Very nice shape, like I said B20 bronze! Strong and heavy. Durable, you will have a time brakeing this one!

A bargin and an very cool extra sound for any kit! E-mail me if you have any questions:

Jim Kirk rated this unit 5 on 2003-04-08.

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