Saluda 8" / 10" SS Rock Splash Reviews 5

I purchased one of these cymbals new on Ebay, and the other direct from Saluda is a brand new company and so far they have very few authorized dealers. Their primary dealer is who sells mostly via Ebay, but can be contacted from their website as well. These cymbals are priced around $25 each. I bought them because I use a splash frequently when I play and I recently had a Sabian B8/Pro splash crack in half. I gig often and since I didn't have much money, I needed something cheap, and I needed it fast.

They are nice and bright splashes, that decay quickly. They have a somewhat tinny sound to them, similar to other mid-level to beginner cymbals in the same price range. They have good volume, comparitive to pro cymbals by Zildjian and Sabian. Overall, I really like the sound, and the price can't be beat.

I have purchased several Saluda cymbals, and all their crashes seem to be incredibly thin and soft. They seem much thinner than Zildjian's medium-thin cymbals. Accordingly, this splash is very, very thin, and dents very easily. I used Easton Ahead metal sticks, and they really put a beating on the splash.

Good consistent quality for a beginner cymbal. Very thin, however. Softer alloy, dents easily.

These are quite good beginner to mid-level cymbals, with good volume, nice high pitch, quick decay, and sound quite musical when blending with other cymbals. These cymbals are very thin, and I am a hard hitter, making these cymbals almost disposable. However, a beginner, or a lighter hitting player would find them to be fantastic addition to their pallette, and for the price, you will not find anything better.

Ian Pravata rated this unit 5 on 2002-04-10.

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