Saluda Mist 22" Medium Ride Reviews 5

Got this ride on ebay for $95 shipped. This is my first ride.

The ride is friggin loud!! my god the first time i crashed it i thought my head was gonna explode. overall, a cymbal great in my style (punk/hardcore). no problem getting heard above distorted guitars. also, a very nice ping to it and great bell.

when i first tested it out, the overtones made it sound more like a china rather than a ride (i think because it was hand hammered). after playing with it with my band, it is a GREAT cymbal. the seller i bought it from compared it to a Zildjian A Medium ride...i wouldn't know but i'll try one out in the future to see. another thing is that it gets stick marks very easily.

this thing is heavy! very durable, i've bashed it many times and it holds up very well.

a great ride. if anyone is looking for a LOUD, pingy, hand-hammered ride, id say take a gander at this one here. for this price, it was a steal to me.

Ray, TSJ rated this unit 5 on 2003-04-13.

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