Saluda Mist Series Reviews 5

I got these cymbals from . Jamie is the dealer, and he did a trade in on my old set-up which consisted of: Zildjian ZBT 20" ride, 14" crash and 13" hi-hats, an old Sabian AA 16" crash, and an old Zildjian Z series 16" crash.With the trade in, I had to spend only $168.oo including shipping.

All of the Mist series crashes have an awesome sound with quick decay, I have the 16", 17" and 14" crash in Mist Custom. The 20" Mist Heavy Dry Ride has a nice ping, but rings a touch more than I like, also the bell is a little small. The 13" hi-hats are great, no complaints whatsoever. All my cymbals are in Brilliant finish, they look awesome.

As I've stated, the only thing I don't like....and this is a very very small the small bell and over-ring to the ride.

Saluda Mist series use B20 bronze, same as high-end Zildjian and Sabain cymbals, only they don't charge you an arm and a leg.

Great cymbal line, Jamie is a great guy to deal with. I highly recommend these cymbals to everyone.

Kevin Lightner rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-05.

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