Saluda SSX Cybmal Set Reviews 4

I got this set up off of ebay for $100, which was the reason I went out on a limb and bought it. The gentleman was liquidating his percussion gear, and the set included (all of the 2003 SSX line): -14" High Hats -20" Ride -16" Crash -14" Crash -8" Splash -10" Splash

One of the first things I noticed about the cymbals is that they are HEAVY; these high hats are the heaviest I have ever played with. The cymbals are incredibly durable, and are not going to go the way of my Zildjians any time soon. The hand hammering and hand engraved serial numbers/year-made on the inside of the bell is a very professional touch. The ride's bell is loud and clear, and on the sweet spot it sounds ok. The 16" crash is an excellent cymbal, with a loud cutting sound and long sustain. The 10" splash is great for its price, and sounds and looks very decent.

Lots actually, but for their entry level stuff, not as much as I'd gripe about the other brands. The finish on the SSX line is none too impressive, and the cymbals look cheap (which is ok, because they are). The ride rings excessivly for my taste, and has a very odd sound to it, which has albeit grown on me. The 14" crash sounds very tinny, and I was unable to deal with the sound; but one of my friends loves it as an effect cymbal (who knew?) The 8" crash is near useless for me, it has to be hit hard to emit any sound, and because it is soooo thick it was difficult to incorporate into much stuff I did. Some may love it though. The high hats sound a mite tinny, but they are so durable you make the trade anyway. One last aesthetic gripe, the logo-ing is cheap and poorly done, and doesn't do the cymbals justice.

The construction is great, these cymbals arnn't breaking any time in the near future, and the quality far exceeds everyone else's entry level stuff.

These cymbals are definatly better than anything else one would get for a comparable price, and the 16" crash is a really great cymbal; as is the 10" splash and the ride, after one sticks some tape on it. THe highhats, although rather harsh sounding, are getting better as one plays them more, and are never going to break. Great stuff for the price really, and I'm utterly impressed for the cost of the item for what one gets!

Michael Bee rated this unit 4 on 2004-08-27.

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