Samick Elan TMJ-11CE/TRV Reviews 5

I did some homework. I kept noticing the Samick ads for the Greg Bennett series guitars electric and acoustic as well as great reviews in most of the guitar magazines. They had 1st class ads, so I felt they believed in what they sell. I also found out that Samick makes most of the Guitars that are sold in the US, so they weren't newcomers at all. Again, because I didn't have the budget to go for a new ax, I went to EBAY... I paid $180 plus shipping for the guitar. The guitars normally retails for $580 and usually sells for around $450 everywhere I looked.

With the thin body design, it still got a very nice sound, which rivals guitars costing a lot more. I had friends test drive it and several said that it sound almost as good or as good as their acoustics costing much, much more. Plugged in, the Fishman Classic 4 system performed very well (as to be expected). The Grover machine heads help it to maintain tuning very well.

If I had to complain about the guitar the offset pearl type dot fret markers didn't match very well and if you are not used to the markers not being centered, this could throw you. Since the guitar was used, I will probably need to replace the string pegs which I never dealt with in my other guitars.

I was surprised by the workmanship of the guitar, it was well constructed out of a translucent purple color over quilted maple. Even after a very close scrutiny, the guitar seemd flawless if yo over look the dings from the previous owner.

I was in need of a second guitar that would work well on stage as an alternate tuning guitar and one that would be good enough that I could also use to double as my daughter's first guitar (i.e. pretty color, decent enough action, etc.). Plus I didn't have a lot of extra $$$ with another daughter expecting to be born with in the month. This guitar was way more guitar than I expected to pay for the money. I will be in the market soon for an electric and Samick is high on the list of where I will turn to when I am shopping.

Joey rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-28.

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