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My wife bought me guitar lessons this year for fathers day. I started the lessons playing with my first guitar (inexpensive Ibenez). By the fourth lesson I was really starting to look for something easier to play that was somewhat inexpensive but had some good qualities. I found this Samick J-12CE at the local shop (Columbus, GA) and used it during one of my lessons and fell in love with it. The sound was remarkable, it was easily twice as loud as my other guitar and 5 times as easy to play. It's an acoustic/electric and I paid $399 plus tax.

I love the sound the guitar makes; deep, rich bass tones and bright, clear highs (even with a beginner like me playing it) but even while the guitar is sitting on a stand, it still turns peoples heads. It has a Koa back and sides with a solid top and it gorgeous to look at.

Haven't found anything yet and I've looked HARD.

Construction of this guitar is very, very well done. The glue joints are perfect, fret board is smooth, and the action is easy. It came with Grover machine heads and a Fishman pick-up.

I did a lot of "pricing" before I made the final purchase on this unit. I found other guitars that were cheaper in price, but they just didn't compare in looks and most importantly to me, sound. I don't know if $399 was a good price for this particular model, but I'm very, very pleased with it and would buy it again.

smarks rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-03.

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