Samick ST6-1 BK Gold Rush Reviews 4

I just got to review this acoustic guitar. I went to July 4th BBQ over my in-laws place and there it was, this black, eye catching guitar. It took me a few beers to approach it, 6 to be more precise, and then I discovered that its owner was a cousin of mine whom until that point, I barely knew. After ďstealingĒ it to a corner and scratching some of my favorite riffs (Beethovenís Fur Elise and the 5th, I play silly stuff when Iím drunk, hah) I got this superb feeling and playability from this acoustic guitar.

As much as I like it to play it, the thing that surprised me the most was to discover its price. My cousin paid only $130. This is a bottom line of Samick Greg Bennett guitars, no wonder itís described as student model on their website, but Iím sure you will enjoy learning to play guitar with it.

Its small body make very comfortable to hold it, its neck have a very nice grabbing size with strings laying soft and close to it, making your finger slides up and down easily and freely. The sound is as good as a more expensive acoustic guitar.

There was some twang quality to its sound that I wasnít very pleased about though, It could have been the strings. When I played some blues riffs, it sounded really cool.

This black finish, 36Ē student model acoustic guitar has a great quality construction. Nato mahogany top, back and sides, single ply black binding shaped in a folk style small body.

With real affordable price and great quality, this acoustic guitar will not only please beginners, students, hobbyists, and traveling hippies alike, as any guitarists looking for a fun guitar to play.

mtebaldi rated this unit 4 on 2010-07-07.

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