Samick 4 String Jazz Bass Reviews 3

a pawn shop in lexington, ky. i paid 150$ for it.

i love the way it lets the sound flow, as a jazz bass should, and the way the tune keys hold tight. you sure cant beat her beautiful, smooth-to-the touch wood finish.

i couldnt get a very reliable opninon before i bought it cuz all my sources have never heard of samick before. the back bass nut constantly lets go. the tone switch jiggles which may or may not be from previous ware and tear.

i love long necks so im particularly partial to this guitar. i thought it was a P-bass at first glance because of the two pickups directly in the middle.

good beginner guitar, and nice cheap escape for someone looking for a nice looking, mid quality instrument. ill keep it just to get ooo's and ahhh's cuz of how pretty she is.

coolpurson rated this unit 3 on 2002-11-12.

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