Samick 4 String Fretless Bass Reviews 4

I bought this bass guitar used for $149 at a local music shop. I bought it becasue of the fretless sound. It has a really smooth skinny neck and is a very solid bass. it has a great sound and is really smooth to play. I use this bass for a more faster and heavier sound then my other bass. In conclusion this bass rocks and i am glad i bought it.

I like the sound it has and the way it plays. Playing a fretless bass is a different experiance then playing just a regular bass guitar.

The only thing i don't like about the unit is that it is a little quieter then my other bass, that doesn't really matter too much to me though.

This bass is built really solid, however the paint was chipped in some places when i bought it. I can't really say that the paint chips easily becasue i don't know what it went through with it's previous owner(s)

This bass is one of the best i have ever played, and the price i payed for it was most definately worth it. i don't regret buying this bass at all.

Violator rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-22.

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