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I played this bass once, only a trial, but long enough to test its capabilities. The price tag read $259.00 American.

The two things I like about this bass are the general body weight and the fretboard wood. Since this bass weighs substantially less than most other bass guitars, it is easy on the shoulder and is not encumbering. The second point is the use of maple on the fretboard rather than rosewood. As you know, rosewood is cheap and gouges easily. Maple will not get as chewed up so easily.

Where shall I start? The output is extremely weak and listless. Why is there a panning knob on here? There seemed to be no change in expression at all when this knob was fiddled with. Playability on the body end(fingering and picking) was terrible. The body and pickups are soooo close to the strings. What's going on here? Playability on the neck was marginal.

The first thing I noticed about this bass guitar was the close proximity of the strings and the body. This such problem causes fingers or picks to easily chew away at he pick guard or the body itself (wherever you may be playing). Thumb slapping is not suggested for the strings will collide with the pickups and make a terrible clunking sound. Hey, where's the 23rd and 24th frets? "Well, who needs to play up there, anyway?" a fool once asked me. 2 extra frets go a looooooong way. By the way, this bass is ugly as sin and has a cheap, mass-produced look to it.

Please, please, pleeaase do NOT buy this cheap thing. Buy an Austin, Aria, Ibanez, or ESP for the same price. I cannot stress this enough. To sum this all up, I thoroughly enjoyed putting this little "gem" down and walking away.

Ted rated this unit 1 on 2004-09-04.

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