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I bought it used about two years ago in a Pawn shop. I paid $75. for it. I bought it because I wanted a cheap back up bass which I could use to teach my Bass students. Also because it seemed to have a good neck with good action and feel to it. The tuners and bridge seemed solid and it stayed in tune. All parts worked well and for a very cheap Bass it had good sound.

Basic P-Bass copy is easy to hold and play by kids and adults alike making it a good learning instrument. The body finish was a plain brown wood which actualy had some grain to it. The volume and tone knobs worked well and the bridge was fully adjustable for intonation, hight, and string lenght. What more could you want at this price.

Considering the price there is very little to not like about this Bass. The original pick ups were somewhat weak so I replaced them with Basslines QSB3 quarter pounders. Now the tone is excellent and has much more clearity & focus.

It is a Basic P-Bass copy with simple controls, good tuners, adjustable bridge, crome hardware. The body is three pieces of wood joined together, the neck is standard bolt on construction. The Neck is Maple, the fingerboard is rosewood, the body may be Basswood or alder it is hard to tell. The frets were well set up, the only thing I did was clean it and put on new strings because it was dirty and worn (used).

Considering the price this is a suprizingly High quality Bass which makes it an excellent value for the learning studnet musican or the Player who needs a stand by back up bass. Would be a 5 but this is a basic import unit, built overseas, who knows where.

Scott Cooper rated this unit 4 on 2002-10-20.

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