Samick LB630 Reviews 3

This is my first ever bass. I bought it when I saw the video for Weezer's "Hash Pipe" where the bassist,Mikey Welsh,is playing a Gibson Ripper.I thought,Im having some of 'dat!Unfortunately,I couldn't find a Ripper,but I got this Samick instead.I bought it from the Castleford Rockfactory,for 155 english pounds.

It's Precision style body.Also,it's fender like neck.A massive gold bridge,plus gold volume/tone knobs.

It's not really that good sounding--it's decent.It's second hand and the pickups are loose too!

Bolt on neck etc.

very good looking...has a smokey effect on it.Good for flinging around wildly.

Syd Burns rated this unit 3 on 2002-07-19.

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