Samick Samick 2007 Reviews 5

I created a WORLD RECORD in 2008 with Hon'ble Registry of Official World Records, U.K.,as Fastest Percussive Bassist playin 36 percussive notes on a SAMICK BASS GUITAR.

The Guitar costs only US $ 150 . That was purchased in India.

Good Slap Bass tones compared to the cost

Compared to the cost, the guitar is awesome, though solos require a lot of sustained notes, slap tones and many other features.

Really Good

Now Ive to go for a better quality Guitar to keep up the reputation to get sustained notes and good slap n funky tones. However,its worth the cost. ,

World Record Bassist, Jayen Varma rated this unit 5 on 2008-05-14.

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