Samick Silvertone SSLB-11/BK Reviews 4

I aquired this bass guitar starter kit for Christmas from my parents. They paid $200 dollars for it, and if they wouldn't have gotten it for me, I would have went and bought it myself. They purchased it at On-Cue, a retailer in all multimedia, tabs, and obviously, guitars.

It comes with a 26 watt amp, the guitar, which is a sleek black except for the head and neck, which is a very fine tan in color. You also receive 5 medium guitar picks, a carrying case, the 1/4" cord, a strap, an electric tuner, and a 40 minute "How to Play Bass" video. I am impressed with it, and I would recommend it to some one who is just starting out like myself. It comes with everything you initially need to get going!!

I wasn't too impressed by the video; it was too fast paced. But I suppose that is why they invented the "pause" mechanism! And of course, I didn't like the "shipping strings" they supply you with.

I thought the quality was overall good. It is a basic starter kit with all the works. IT may not necessarily be something a pro would pick up and say "Now THERE'S and instrument, but it does what I need it to do.

I think for anyone wishing to learn the Electric Bass, this unit is a good deal. It comes with everything, and isn't too expensive.

Shawna rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-01.

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