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I acquired this instrument through my guitar teacher who told me getting the Avion-1 was not worth the money. I got this Guitar from Music City, Sydney. Music City gave me a pretty good deal with the guitar because the original guitar price was $399 but my guitar teacher had got it down to $299. Iv been playin guitar for one year now so I thought this guitar would be a great starter for me to learn from.

This guitar is likeable for me and my guitar needs. I play in a punk band and the sound it gives is nice for playing power chords and also the sound is good for short guitar licks and the pickups are sterdy and never move around which is good if your the kind of person who jumps around while your playing. This guitar has a good set neck and a good looking rosewood fingerboard which is comfortable.

What I don't Like about this guitar is the Grover-a tuners which after a few hours of playing they may go out of tune which all depends on who hard your playing the guitar. The guitars rosewood fingerboard (if your the type of person who likes to reach high pitched notes) has frets on about the 15th and up that stick out a little and catch your fingers. The guitars little metal nob thing that holds the shoulder strap has come out as soon as I started using my shoulder strap, but there is nothing a little super glue can't fix! The guitars flat top nato body is good and solid but I don't like the looks of flat top guitars.

The guitar has a flat top nato body, set neck, 2 Humbucker Pickups, GroverŠ tuners, rosewood fingerboard, bound body, 2 volume nobs, 2 tone nobs, 3 way toggle to select bridge pickup, both pickups or nack pickup.

My final thoughts of this guitar are, I only recomend this guitar to a person who is upgrading from there first guitar and who want an electic with the good sound of humbucker pickups but I play this guitar through a Washburn 75watt amp that makes this guitar sound superb. And also if you buy this guitar you will most probly need an electric tuner if you don't already have one.

Herbert Berryman rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-15.

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