Samick Greg Bennett Avion 3 Reviews 5

color- transparent blue maple top wood used- mahogohny neck, mahogohny body, maple top. this guitar is a must buy for its price, i tried out the gibson les paul, the ephiphone les paul and the avion3 all side by side the gibson was the best sounding (no doubt) but too expensive out of the epi or samick, go with the samick, sound is close, if not better, the feel is just as good, more smooth, great les paul copy i had some fret buzz on the 5th and 6th strings but i got that fixed perfect for a begginer or a skilled guitarist

i was looking for a les paul but couldnt find the right one for me when i did find it (epiphone les paul standard with a honeyburst flamed maple top) it was too expensive then i saw the avion3, it sounded the exact same, if not better and the feel is perfect i play it on a peavey vypyr30 and itsw perfect i paid %490 CDN and its worth every last penny

everything it came with grover tuners, which fine tune perfect and stay in tune great the sound is nice and smooth, from playing heavy metal to playing blues nice, slim smooth kneck tapping is nice and loud tune-o-matic bridge lovin this piece

the pickguard came loose, but it was easily fixed changing the pickgaurd soon, dont like the shape, thats all thats about it

very very sturdy guitar, nicely built and crafted its a must buy the quality is good, sounds like a $1000 guitar for half the price the pickguard came loose, but i fixxed it easily

MUST BUY great looking and sounding guitar for anyone

Nasri Daher rated this unit 5 on 2009-01-26.

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