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I've been playing for 15 years and I had many bands throughout the years. I mostly play blues and jazz. I also like to shred riffs in metal. I'm also a guitar tech at a music store. I fix amps and I do luthier work on some of the best (and oldest)guitars around! (Isn't that the coolest job a guy can have?)

Ok, first things first: I play and have been a strat player for as long as I can remember... anyways, I bought the guitar from where I work and I got it (with employee discount)for 225$ cnd. It cought my eye for a couple of weeks and I hadn't the chance to try it out.So eventually I took 5 and plugged it through a fender twin in the shop...and WOHHH!!!! was i surprised.

First of all, the feel of the neck is very silky and fast. The touch is like a Les Paul: very low without the frets buzzing otu on ya. The grover tuners keep's it well in tune even under heavy use. Controls (vol. and tone) are very gradual and consistent.The humbuckers are very warm and punchy, add high output and you're in for a blast. Mine is translucent red wich gives it a rich look.

Basically nothing is wrong with this axe. Except maybe for the tilt of the neck wich is a little bit more than 2 degrees but that doesn't affect the guitar at all.

In one word: FLAWLESS!!! The mahogany body is great and is not too heavy. The neck is also mahogany but it's a bolt-on type. It has a ''tune-o-matic'' bridge wich is perfect to keep sustain. like i mentionned earlier, it's trans red and so is the neck. It has a rosewood fingerboard and 22 medium jumbo frets. Good quality chrome hardware with cream bindings. I haven't found a flaw of any kind anywhere yet. The neck radius is a 9.5 with a ''u'' shape. The electronics are superior to what i've seen up to date (pots, p-ups and wirering)

Of all the strats i own and other expensive brand names i've owned, this one is a keeper! i've played it on stage 6 times now without a backup and nothing went wrong. These can stand just about anything and many people came up to me asking me if this axe was stock or if i've done mod's on it but as to their surprise, nothing was done to it. At this price range, the overall quality and craftsmanship is perfect! I can compare this one to the 1000$ ones without asking questions. If you're looking for a good axe with a rich sound and good quality but you don't want to bust your wallet, the look no further! This one's for you. Oh, forgot to mention, every model is tuned and retuned in sandiego before going out to the dealers... Hope you enjoy this baby as much as i do!

Bluesman30 rated this unit 5 on 2005-09-08.

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