Samick Greg Bennett Signature FB-1 Reviews 5

Bought fom Allmusic Plainview NY. Well under $200.00 I picked this guitar mainly for its neck, fretboard and cost. Also it's a very good looking guitar in a EVH axis/wolfgang body style.

The quality for the price is astounding! It has a wilkenson trem, grover tuners, great looking photo quilt top and cream binding on the body. The maple neck has a wide fairly flat maple fretboard that is VERY fast.

The only cost cutting is in the pickups. The stock dual humbuckers are just not in the same tone league as Duncans.

I took the floor display model because the setup was perfect. Upon very close examination at home I could find no faults, fit finsh and constuction was flawless. Grover tuners work smoothly, dual voulume and one tone and 3way pickup swith are noiseless. The guitar keeps its tune well even using the trem. Has good balance and a neck that screams to be played fast.

I think Samick has hit on something here. Their ablity to put out this level of quality at an insanely low price will make the other manufacturers sit up and take notice

guitarjonez rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-26.

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