Samick LK - 35 DOS/TBL Reviews 3

I purchased this guitar in bourboniase at a store called veronias. They were extremly helpfull with the decision making process and convinced me that the Samick was a good guitar for the money. I paid $189 for it in September 2002, it was the last of the 2002 models with the old headstock.

Price and quality caomparison was a major factor.I also like how thin the body is. Compared to my old Diasonic guitar the neck it much, much, much narrower, which is helpfull because I have relatively small hands and short fingers. This is my first electric guitar but I am very happy with the tone quality. For the price I got three pick-ups and two tone controls, bass and treble. Also to top it all off I have to say it is a very good looking guitar less the headstock, but that is problably straight from my sub=conscience because right before I went out looking for a guitar they came out with the new headstock and they were all shined up on the wall.

As I stated before I really like this guitar overall the one thing I would like is the new headstock its really hot but that doesn't affect the playing quality for me at all. Also I do notice one additional thing I can see two wires near the pick-ups that show but hardly.

I addressed the construction and quality question above. To repeat I think overall this guitar is built very well for the money.

This is a great electric guitar for a beginner or someone buying their first electric guitar, moving from acoustic. You can't beat the value.

Michael W rated this unit 3 on 2003-01-09.

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