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I bought this guitar on ebay, for a killer deal $65 USD. I basically got it because I had to opportunity to get it so cheap, i've been playing guitar for a while.

It has a nice finish, and I think the binding is nice looking. The neck is awesome. It is thin and fits my hands perfectly (very fast neck). The first and second positions on the pickups.. Either Humbucker, or Humbucker/Sing are great. The pickups are suprisingly good. They can be bright or jazzy.

The tuners aren't very good. They simply don't hold as well as I would like. I have to retune at least 4 times a day. The neck pickup is very weak. I almost never use it. The input jack seems to come loose a lot. The body is a little small for me, as I am 6'2". When I sit, I have to hunch, because it sits very far back on my leg. I prefer larger strat style bodies or Les Paul bodies.

It seems to be built well to me. I honestly do not think you could get a better guitar for the price. When it comes to beginner guitars, samick makes some of the best. (Let's disregard their standard strat copy in that comment). Very good guitar for the price, the transparent black finish is great.

Like I said, if you are going for an entry level guitar, Samick should definitely be a consideration. You can get a much better samick for the same price as the bottom of the line Squier. Don't pay for a name, pay for quality. -- Bottom Line: I don't think I'll play live with this guitar, but I do use it to record. After a few modifications, I may not let this thing go ever. I like it, but after owning Les Pauls and playing guitars such as Ibanez and Fender, I only give this guitar a 3. I don't hate it, but let's be reasonable.

Mason rated this unit 3 on 2003-01-14.

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