Samick LS-31D/BK Reviews 4

I purchused this guitar at a local music store as a first guitar. I needed something that was reliable and had average sound quality. I want sure if I was going to stick with guitar so I wanted something cheap, and I ended up picking this axe up for about $100 Canadian.

It's really low maintenance and can take a lot of punishment. It copies the strat design and has an impenetrable finish.It has reliable single coil pickups and it's suprising how many different sounds can come from the two tone knobs and five pick up settings.

Dust can get into the knobs and pickup switch, so every year I have to take off the pick guard and clean inside. The vibrato arm is pretty poor quality and it severly messes up the tuning.

Its made of hard wood with an unbeatable finish so even if it does dent it isn't visible. The brige and tuning keys are made of steel. Aside from the nut on my partcular unit being cut too low on the high E it's great quality.

There's nothing special about this guitar, but its very durable and the sound quality is fine. It's a great first guitar and at $100, it's very good value.

Barry W rated this unit 4 on 2002-06-29.

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