Samick Les Paul Copy Reviews 3

I saw this guitar at a local pawn shop. It was only $100, so I picked it up. I'm not a Les Paul purist, and I wanted a quality Paul copy.

The guitar is as close as you'll get to a Gibson without buying one. It has that "beefy" Les Paul sound. I've used it in the recording studio, which in my opinion, is the guitar's primary function. I use flatwound strings to smooth out the tone.

Being a second hand guitar, I had to fidget with the electronics. It's a high maintenance guitar. I'm always fixing this or adjusting that.

The construction is praiseworthy. It's heavy, but that's typical for the Les Paul style.

I like the sound that I get with the Samick. I'd recommend this guitar to anyone thinking about investing in Les Paul. It plays and sounds similar to a USA Gibson.

Georg Cocron rated this unit 3 on 2003-06-28.

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