Samick Malibu MB-1/MR Reviews 2

I bought this guitar from Waco Vintage Instruments in Mansfield, Texas for $170. It was my first guitar, so I didn't really know what I was looking for, so I bought it mainly because of its looks(cherry red) and because I wanted something with a whammy bar.

It is a good beginner's guitar. It is durable, affordable, and nice to look at. There isn't too much I personally like about this guitar, except for its strat-like shape, which makes it comfortable, and the fact that it stays in tune well, even after heavy whammy bar use. In fact, I only tuned it once once a week, and even then it was only a few cents out of tune.

THE TONE. I now have a Fender Fat Strat, which has a way stronger and thicker tone, even when the single coil pickups are being used. When I use the humbucker, it blows the Samick away. The Samick just sounds weak compared to it. I was also dismayed by its high action. It's like trying to play the Tom Delonge Strat. If you have never played the Delonge Strat, it's like trying to play a tree, as another author put it.

This guitar is very durable. I have banged it into a couple of walls,and left it outside in the sun but it still does not show any signs of wear. For $170, it is a great instrument. The pickguard is still unmarked, although I tried to scratch it a few times.

Overall, this is an excellent beginner guitar. It is affordable, and although the tone and action are not so hot, a beginner is not going to notice that or care anyway. If you are an intermediate to advanced player, however, this guitar wouldn't cut it.

Hans Du Vandershmock rated this unit 2 on 2003-12-31.

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