Samick S 101 Reviews 4

i bought this guitar 11-20-02 for xmas present for my son off of ebay retailer paid $79.00 for this unit

when it arrived i could nt believe my eyes the quality and workmanship of these little axes is right up there with the fenders im always playing get one play it a year replace the pick ups with (your choice) and you got a killer little tone monster. and you cant beat the price.

the strings that come with the unit throw away and put a nice set of #10 slinkys before you ever plug it in. i would prefer to see vintage routes as opposed to pool routes but hey "im really splittin hairs to find something i dislike about this unit

body finish..... great neck finish......pretty good "wears in quicker though" electronics ......better than what i expected tremolo .......... very smooth neck set up and action...... excellent

5 way switch very nice additional feature plus tones and volume heck of a little unit for the money plays like butter

nashville Jim rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-08.

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