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i bought this guitar together with an amp used at an auction. it was cheap around 150 $ together with a 10 w amp and gigbag +cable and so on. at that point i had been playing guitar for a year but wanted an electic guitar, so to try and go electric

i like that it is a cheap beginner unit, and that you when you get used to it can play decent on it, as long as you remember it's not a heavy axe...... it's nice for playing rhytms and stuff like that

that so many parts are so wiggly the guitar is sturdy, but the pickup selector was broken when i got it once in a while it just don't change the pickups no matter what you do. but that's a minor detail, afterall i am not going to drag it out for a gig.. the guitar is very difficult to tune because it is very tough to adjust, but it stays in tune for months...

as i rated above i had some problems with the pickup selector, but besides that it has worked out great for me.

actually it is a good practice guitar for beginners and intermediate players. it is not perfect for playing solos but it can do anything if you play it enough...

skiliiingo rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-21.

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