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I was getting a new guitar for christmas and me and my dad were looking around in a local store in Elizabeth City, NC. I got a small fender amp, 35 watts, and this guitar. It was about 350 for the guitar.

Its got a very very nice color. It has a solid mahogany body with nice definition in the wood on top. Its finish is similar to the Vintage Sunburst on Epiphone g-400 customs. It had great action and nice sound. I upgraded the guitar with Seymour Duncan '59 on the neck and a Distortion in the bridge position shortly after purchase. I have had it 4 years and i wore the frets almost to the wood, i play it so much, I just got it refretted.

I dont like the fact that its a bolt on neck, and it doesn't have cool trapezoid inlays, only dots. Original Epiphone pickups in it sucked bad too.

Very well constructed, originaly had nice frets until i wore them off. But it does have a little space in the slot where the neck is bolted on.

Very very nice guitar, especially throught the torment i gave it. It was cheap considering how nice it was. The money spent on new pickups and refretting was definitely worth it. That only added to the sound. It sounds great thru my marshall amp. I give it a four, taking the one point away because of the space in the neck slot and i did replace the crappy original pickups.

chris h rated this unit 4 on 2002-10-19.

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