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This was acquired at a general music store for about $129. It is a Silvertone by Samick Package which includes the guitar and Amp. I bought it for my son to learn the electric guitar because I did not want to get anything too expensive until I knew that he was going to stick with it.

The guitar looks good, has good finish and sound. It is certainly adequate to the task and has been a good learner guitar. It has three single pickups, a 5-way switch, one volume and two tone controls. It has been through nearly two years of lessons and is still good enough to continue with according to the guitar instructor.--I will review the amp separately (it is a Silvertone by Samick Smart IIIs)

While adequate and versatile as to sound and build quality, the guitar is more difficult to play than a more expensive one. For example, the Fender stratocaster is somewhat easier to play. However the fender costs between three and four times as much. (remember the price included a decent 10 watt amp.)

The construction is very good and, if the price is taken into account, it is excellent. The quality of the whole package is great for the price. This has gone through 1.5 to two years of practice and banging around without a glitch.

This is a good setup if you are on a budget and need something serviceable to use. It is a good beginners guitar and will carry you through at least 2 and up to four years before you will need to upgrade. This is for the beginning to intermediate guitarist. If you are already at the intermediate level, I would suggest something better.

rcellucci rated this unit 3 on 2001-12-24.

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