Samick SS11 / BK Reviews 3

Small local shop

Nice guitar for the price. It does what it should, needs a set up when you buy it.

The price is right and the guitar is fair. People think these guitars are bad because they are made in Taiwan! These people don't know anything. Guitars made in Taiwan are made OEM and are made following specs from the real company. In this case if it sucks it is The Korean companie's fault. The thin plastic on the picguard is there to protect it in the shop. All guitars have this. Just like electronics do. If you don't know what it is then don't bitch about it. The buzzing of the frets is because the guitar has not been set up. I have bought gibsons that did this off the rack. It kills me how people think that every guitar should play well right off the rack. Listen people! guitars are like cars, they need work, they need tune ups and fixing etc..... Insted of complaining maybe try understand what you are talking about first.

Construction is what you would expect for the price!!!!

You pay this little you get this little. What do you expect.

Murr rated this unit 3 on 2004-06-19.

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