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I was looking around in a Music Depot store in Lagrange, Ga. and I spotted a Bass Amp for sale but on closer examination I read on a sticker on the amp that it could also be used to play a regular electric guitar thru.So I asked the clerk if I could play one of the guitars thru the amp and he said I could,I don't know why but the Samick Guitar just caught my eye so I took it down off the display rack and plugged it in the amp and started to play. Now please understand I didn't intend to buy this guitar for I already own 3 guitars (1 Ovation Breadwinner Solid body electric, 1 Peavey T-60 Electric and an Applause Acoustic Electric)so I really didn't need another guitar but when I started playing this guitar I was instantly hooked and to help matters more my wife was with me and she liked the way it looked and sounded too and she said that if I liked it I should buy it because Christmas was coming soon and she thought this would be a good gift from her for me , but I hesitated and decided to think on it for a while so we left the store and started for home I planned to think about it over the weekend and maybe go back and get it Monday but the good sound and feel of the guitar kept coming back to me.I have been playing a guitar now for 34 years semi-professionally and the sound and feel of this guitar just kept on working on me.I told my wife that I just couldn't wait until Monday for I had been trying to find that type of sound all my life so I turned around right then and went back and bought that guitar, for $199.00.

The sound is wonderful I have always been a fan of the sound of humbucking pickups my brother-in-law has an old Gibson Les Paul that he bought in 1955 that only has 1 Humbucking pickup on it and it has a similar sound to what I can get on this Samick but that's not all with a simple pull of the tone control knob with the 5 Position switch set to the middle and bridge pickup I can get the sound of a Fender Stratacaster, oh it's wonderful and so easy to get both the Gibson humbucking sound and the Fender Single coil sound.I simply love this guitar,and I only paid $199.00 for the guitar and went back and bought a real nice Tweed colored case for it for only $95.00.

At the present time I don't really have anything I dislike about the guitar.

It's constructed almost exactly like a Fender Telecaster, you might say it's just a copy of a Telecaster but its somewhat different in the sound department I think its probablt the Duncan Split coil pickups that gives it the wonderful sound.The quality of its construction seems to be flawless.I used to own a Fender Telecaster but I sold it because I didn't like its real thin treble sound.

Wonderful Guitar, well worth the $199.00 I paid for it even though it wasn't advertised as new, there isn't a scratch on it and my friends think that its brand new.

Donald L. Ezell rated this unit 5 on 2001-06-27.

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