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I purchased this guitar about three years ago and it was my first guitar that i have owned. My father first introduced me to a guitar at the age of nine, and i've been playing ever since. Then I thought it was time to get my own guitar so I got a great deal for an electric guitar at the local music shop for NZ$549. And now at the age of 16 I think it kept me out of trouble as I was growing up.

I like the stylish black and white colour, it's light weight and has a beautiful sound to it. I can control the pickups that are being used and control the tone. Also the tremolo is easy to bend. It's made of stong maple wood.

The strings always buzz on the frets, I have scratched out some of the wood on the fret board. The Temolo can't be bent up to make the note go higher. I think there aren't enogh pickups on it. The socket is just dangling by the body when it came loose.

The body is made of very strong and light weight plywood, and the neck is made of maple. It's black and white but the main colour is black. It's got a cool bridge on it.

Overall it was an excellent guitar when first purchased. But It's about time that I got an upgrade, as my father always put's it "It's had it's days!".

Kiri rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-20.

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