Samick Silvertone SS1 Reviews 4

I bought this guitar at the mall.My brother whos been playing for acouple of years bought me into buying it.It was $200 bucks,and it came with a smart 111's amp a cheap gigbag with no pockets a tunner strap etc.

i love this guitar its great.its derrible and stays in tune.I play bands like greenday(no blink182 they suck)and other great bands so it can play them really well since the songs mostly use power chords so its very easy music and can play it with this guitar without any problem it has a slick neck so i can chang chords up and down the fret board.Anyways my guitar is good for beginners and antermediat players.Last thing I like about the guitar is its better then my older brothers squire bullet. ha ha.

What i dont like about it is the guitar's pickups r noisey but i dont mind it that much.

its derrible its reliable. I play ruff and hard and it hasnt had a cheap scratch or anything.Its great.

this guitar has a very low price tag and yet its great.I injoy it and i play it all the time and hasnt lost its fun.

bobby rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-07.

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