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Well,i bought this guitar at the mall for 250 bucks (what a rip off). Well i was a fool of thinking this guitar was good, yeah right. Well yeah.

Well i like that you can beat the hell out of it and not give a thing. IT is also good for hitting spazzed out brothers such as mine. It looks like a strat, thats about it.

I this think sucks sucks real bad. It is heavier than a real strat it has a crappy eletrics. F*** this guitar

Well its ok (so you really have to hit it against the ground hard). It looks like it was made out of plywood. I hate this damn guitar!

Man this guitar diserves a -5 but oh well. Dont buy this guitar its a rip off its a crappy instrument. Oh yeah didnt really mentioned the amp. well it sucks too the sound sucks whines and high notes sounds like crap. So please dont buy this guitar its a waste go do what i did and on music 123 the have a warlock war set buy that they are selling it for 250 bucks cheap.

rated this unit 1 on 2003-08-02.

I got this guitar at a pawn shop for only $70.00 It was a great deal because it was hardley even used.The only thing it needed was a new whamy bar and some strings.(because it was already a used guitar and someone had taken the whamy bar off of it)

It is a GREAT beginers guitar.It is very easy to play and sounds GREAT!It is prety much a Fender Squire with a diferent name on it.Even with the whamy bar on it,it seems to stay in tune for a LONG time.It has a very prety finish wich is a very shiny black with a white pick guard (it looks just like a fender strat)The sound is very clear and sounds great.I would recomend this guitar to anyone who is just starting and doesnt have alot of money because the retail on this guitar WITH an amp and tuner is only $200.00

Sofar there is NOTHING I can complain about because this guitar rocks!

The quality of this thing is AMAZING!I love it.It stays in tune for a LONG time even with the whamy bar.And for already being a used guitar and still be in this great condition it rules!

If you are about to start playing guitar then this is the guitar for you!It comes with an amp,a tuner,a gig bag,and alot more for only $200.00 so GO BUY IT!

Me rated this unit 4 on 2003-07-10.

Got it from Music Land at the mall for $200, and I got it because I want to learn how to play guitar, so people will like me.

So far, so good; it seems to stay in tune, it has a nice finish,(pretty shiny) the pickups are a bit noisy, but there is no way I'm gonna complain for $200.(it also included a bunch of other things, like an amp and tuner) I like to play things like metallica and blink 182, and the amp included can handle it, it sounds pretty good, as long as your not blasting it. This has been a great guitar to learn on, low action, low maintenance, and most importantly for starters/cheap-skates like myself, low price!

Umm... not too much, I haven't had any problems with it yet, but the tuners are made of plastic, and that kinda scares me, but nonetheless, the strings seem to stay in tune, but I'm not the kinda guy who beats the crap out of his guitar when he jams out, but anyhow, the other thing I don't like is the cheap pickups, but I don't mind a little noise while I play. I know that on my next guitar, I'm gonna get something with quiet pickups though...

Well, I handle this thing like a newborn baby, which includes whiping with a diaper, even though I'm fairly careful, I carry it all around the house(I think I'm in love with it) and I've banged the head on things every once in a while, but its still here! I read a review about this guitar somewhere else, and the guy said he would set it on fire, and blah blah... so I'm guessing its pretty tough.

This guitar is great, I've heard of seasoned players liking it, and it is definitely 100% a good starters guitar, only you might want to buy better amp cable if you get the package, but I'm extremely happy with this guitar!

Deeble Smith rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-10.

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