Samick Silvertone SS11 / bk Reviews 1

i bought this at on cue for 160 bucks, because they were going otu of business. it came with a litlle practice amp, a bag, electric tuner, some picks,and the whammy bar.

the sound is ok and it looks good.

it pretty much sucks. first of all, its made in taiwan. when i brought it home i realized that the pickguard was peeling, and found out that there is a thin plastic layer on top that takes about an hour to peel off. some of it got stuck under the tone knobs so neither of them work, and the volume knob keeps coming off. The strings seem to buzz on whatever note you play, wich is discouraging if you're a beginner.

the pickups are made out of cheap plastic, so they arent as good as metal. and like i said, its made in taiwan.

dont buy it unless you are a little kid with an extremely low budget. Save to buy a squier fat strat, they are much better.if you see someone buying one do them a favor and set it on fire, and then punch them in the face.

Sam Williamson rated this unit 1 on 2003-07-02.

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