Samick Silvertone Strat Copy Reviews 4

Well,i bought it for $200 on clearince at a record store It wasnt bought because people would rather buy a guitar at a music store instead. This guitar moved me to buy it.It was my first guitar,but my older brother has one so i always jammed on his and learned alot on his.I was in a record store and saw it.I was looking for a good guitar so i bought it.

This guitar works for my needs.This guitar is derible it is one that will last for a good everything works good it looks great it looks differnt to any other strat or strat imatation its rosewood neck makes it easy to change power chords up and down the fret board.I havnt got around to buying a wammy board yet.guitarfor beginners or for people looking for a cheap reliable guitar because their old guitar busted.Is good for kinds of independent players

Not much about the guitar i dont like.The pickups could be better. the neck gets to wide on the lower frets making harder to play those frets.When u play a chord it rings too long but if u play punk(like me)its great.

This guitar is dirable it has been thrown alover my room and hasnt had a dent or chip in it.The guitar is built good screws stay intacked.

over all this guitar is a good guitar.Its not a good guitar for profetionals.but if u want to start a band well it will suit u till u get big and famous but it can do good.

bobby rated this unit 4 on 2002-11-26.

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