Samick Strat Copy LS - 10/TS Reviews 4

I got this guitar for my birthday present. I bought this guitar, amp, bag and lead for 300 New Zealand dollars.

Well.. this is a pretty good guitar for a beginner. Every review I read about a Korean guitar, they say its shitty and constructed like a piece of shite but I don't see why people hate it so much. This is a pretty good guitar if you are a beginner. This guitar DOES look like a Fender Strat. I'm still a beginner so I can't say much, but I think it's a pretty good sturdy guitar. You dont have to tune it very often.

Although it's pretty good, I don't think it's one of those guitars that you would brag to your friends about. I don't really like these pickups. Cords only last for a few seconds. Well, this one is like the only electric guitar i've ever played so I may not be right, but it is kinda heavy. Also it is a bit hard to play high frets because of its bulky bolt-on neck.

Again I think this is a sturdy guitar. I always bang the guitar everywhere but it hasn't got a single chip or a dent yet. My only complaint would be the high frets. Its so damn hard to reach!!

Once again, I think this is a pretty good guitar for a beginner. For those people who hate Korean guitars so much, well don't buy it and stop hassellin it only because it's made in Korea. The sound depends on the player, not the guitar. I mean a 'bad' guitar won't hold Zakk Wylde from playing his wicked kickin ass solos and a Gibson's Zakk Wylde signature guitar won't make a bad player sound like Zakk Wylde. Anyway, stop blaming your guitar and get lessons!!!!

Raphael Pyo rated this unit 4 on 2002-11-26.

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