Samick UM-3 Ultramatic Reviews 5

Acoustic and electric guitar and bass. From searing and tapping/harmonic leads to finger and flat picking acoustic. 25 years experience. Prior band experience, going solo right now. Former head banger, now doing Christian contemporary and rock.

Purchased through a local retailer. Traded equipment and cash. Have $300 in it.

The playability is amazing. intonation is dead on via chromatic tuner 12th fret test. Also get a lot of compliments on the gorgeous looks. Samick did a great job with the slim fast neck and the comfortable fit. Easy transition when playing back and forth on the fretboard. Duncan designed hums great overdriven. It's a well balanced ax. Control set up right for a player. Electronics cavity was shielded coming out of the factory!

Pots could have been a higher quality, but got the job done. I played it a few years, then replaced with high quality ones.

Neck and body are flawless. Great set they stay. All hardware is great quality. Well put together instrument. I would suggest an upgrage on the potentiometers though.

I had to play high dollar electrics in the past, but musical maturity and intelligence says: Why spend $3000 on an instrument just to have a certain name on the headstock when I could save the money and buy a lot of other equipment with the savings? Hmm... I'll keep it forever. If I needed a back-up electric, I wouldn't look for anything else. I'd get another, in a different color!

gt rated this unit 5 on 2005-10-15.

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