Samick Silvertone Smart IIIs Reviews 3

I bought this as part of a package which included this amp, a Quik tune QT-8 guitar tuner, a Silvertone by Samick SS-11 stratocaster guitar (see review in guitar section), a gig bag and an instructional video. The price was $129 for the entire package.

It is very compact, seems well made and has a good clean sound. This unit has been used several times a week for 1.5 to 2 years without a problem. It has about a six inch speaker and 10 watts of power. It is light and easy to transport. This is strictly a practice amp although it could be used in rooms up to 15 X 20 feet as long as only the guitar is playing. Don't expect it to overpower drums.

The distortion is pretty terrible at any high level. It is ok for low levels, but at high levels the sound is not good. If you play mostly clean with a bit of distortion, you will be ok. If you like lots of distortion, pass on this.

This is a well constructed quality unit for its intended purpose - a clean practice amp with some small amount of distortion dialed in. In almost two years it has worked perfectly with never a problem. I have no idea what the warranty was because I have never needed it.

A very good and reliable low to mid volume clean practice amp. Distortion leave a lot to be desired at any high volume setting. Great value for the price.

rcellucci rated this unit 3 on 2001-12-24.

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