Santa Cruz Tony Rice Model Reviews 5

I bought this guitar new at Guitar Solo on Clement Street in San Francisco for $2800 including tax.

This guitar is a work of art. It is perfectly balanced and has a crisp but soulful bluegrass sound. It plays like an old guitar, it's easy to play and is not stiff like a lot of new guitars. It is very light. You can play hard or soft and the tone holds.

Actually, there is nothing I don't like about this guitar. It's perfect.

I read the SCGC builds all their guitars in a temp/humidity controlled workshop. The quality is top-notch. SCGC uses only master woods and their attention to detail is amazing. The bracing on the Tony Rice model is scalloped and the soundhole is bigger than your typical dreadnaught, allowing for a deeper, louder sound.

When looking at high quality guitars, please play a Santa Cruz. When shopping for guitars, I played Martins, L'Arrivées, Taylors, Lowdens... In my experience, the Santa Cruz beat them all. Check out their web site.

Mike rated this unit 5 on 2003-03-03.

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