Schecter Elite 05-string Bass Diamond Series Reviews 5

I bought this bass in september of 2002 for about $590 from a guitar center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I'm not sure why, I consider it divine fate because I didn't plan to by a bass that day, just look.

This bass rocks. It is extremely versital b/c of its pickups and eq's. I play a wide variety of music, gospel, metal, punk, and jazz. And I everyone i play with is impressed with the sound. The bass really "bends" to how ever you feel like playing. And the sustain on a note is amazing. This bass can mold to any bass players style of playing. I highly recommend it.

The only problem I encountered was the input would slide around a little, but that's it.

The bass I have (i'm not sure if it comes in any other colors) is a orange sunburst type with gold hardware. They way the colors work off eachother just glitters on stage. You could just stand on stage and hold the bass and everyone would fall in love with you. The neck through body gives it that extra tone and sustain.

The Best there is!! bottomline

Stephen rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-28.

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