Schecter Robert Deleo Model Reviews 5

Free, Acquired this bass through sponsorship through Schecter guitars.

The looks and feel to this bass is top notch! The sound is great with the Emg p/j configuration.Played it through practice amps and big rigs , this thing sounds amazing! Neck feels smooth and very fast, very similar to the fender jazz necks. Tuning stays in tune, and hardware all around in this bass is solid. Right out of the box the set up is great, you don't need to fine tune anything. I would definetly buy another in different color for backup!

Wish the battery compartment would be with easy access clip rather than screw, but that's about it, really have no other complaints.

Construction is solid all around. Compared to other high price instruments this can easily be up there. But it's an affordable bass that's worth every penny if you want top quality in a bass. The body is made of Ash wood, Maple Neck with rosewood 22 fret fingerboard. Active EMG's P/J configuration. 2 Volume and one tone knob.

Would recommend this bass to anyone who is looking for a solid bass that is looking for a great quality instrument that will last years. Great vintage looks with modern feel. Schecters done good with this one!

Frankybeanz rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-10.

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