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Bought from Guitar Center in Springfield, NJ - Price Paid: $489.00. The first thing that caught my eye was the Naked Dancing Girl inlays, so I had to give it a test drive!

It plays great! Good tone, great action, and its ALOT lighter than my Les Paul. The Duncan Design pickups are ok, not the best, but better than alot of stock pickups out there. The guitar overall plays great, looks great, sounds excellent. The inlays are the BEST! (thats probably the main reason I bought it)

Only problem I had was the volume pots were a little crackly, so I called Schecter and they sent me some new ones (free) which I installed myself. Some information about the guitar would be great since Schecter doesn't have it listed on their site.

Great quality!

From what Ive been reading from other XXX owners, this seems to be a "Built for Guitar Center" type deal, probably limited Production. Hey Schecter!!! A Little info Please!? Dont worry- you don't have to talk to us- Thats what a website is for!!

Hard Luck Joe rated this unit 4 on 2004-02-23.

I bought this guitar because of the value, its stunning looks, the tone, sustain and those oh so cool nude girl silhouette inlays. I stumbled across it at Guitar Center and paid $449.00. From what little I've gathered, I think its a limited production model.

Believe it or not, the Duncan designed (Korean wannabe) hummer's are decent... hot but in a good way! The set neck is sweet and it has a very shallow heel that allows easy access all the way to the 24th fret. Solid mahogany string through body, a mahogany neck, TonePros locking bridge and a graphite nut amounts to incredible sustain. The Grover tuners are rock solid. The inlays are so sweet. I picked it up... played it and couldn't set it down, so I brought it home! Some people call these coil taps, but it comes with a push/pull coil splitter in the tone pot. 2 volume pots, a 3 way switch and the tone pot/splitter, so I can go from 1 single coil to 2 single coils to both hummer's. I can get a nice clean Strat-like sound all the way to a nice crunchy blues tone all on a clean channel. When I kick in the distortion is when she likes to wail! Heh... I throw a little chorus at it too!

Getting information out of Schecter is like pulling teeth. I've emailed them 3 times looking for more in-depth information about this guitar and have yet to receive any response. Anyway... I wish they would have had 2 different models... 1 with the Duncan designed and 1 with honest to God Duncan's in it. Oh well... they're not bad pup's at all and I really don't see myself switching them out, but I would have liked to have the choice.

This is as solid a guitar as anything out there. No flaws whatsoever. Strikingly beautiful. A very rich gloss black that's so deep that I could actually shave in the reflection.... except that its an arch top (some like to call it carved... whatever) so my reflection is distorted by the curve of the wood. There is a solid cream binding along the front edges of the body, neck and headstock, so it really outlines the guitar and makes it really "stand out" in the stage lights.

If you're in the market for a high end guitar with a mid range (or lower in this case) price, then take a look at this one. I think you would be as pleased as I am with it.

Bill C. rated this unit 5 on 2003-08-21.

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