Schecter Diamond Series Electric Guitar Reviews 5

I was in a music store to buy strings when a fellow walked in with this guitar wanting to sell it on consignment. I interrupted the deal he was trying to make with the store clerk and bought it from him for 250 bucks.

I was immediately impressed with the guitar's overall beauty and look of quality. When I got it home and plugged it into an amp I was equally impressed with its rich voice and playability. Then a couple days later I took it to the club to try it out with the boys in the band. She passed with flying colors. I was very proud of my guitar. The band thought she was beautiful, too.

The guitar has this really beautiful scroll work on the fretboard but when the boys would throw me a lead I would tend to get a little lost due to the lack of obvious identifying marks on the fretboard. We were joking about it. I told them I was going to get some white electricians tape and put my own marks on there :)


I've always played Gibsons, Fenders, and mostly quality guitars so when I inspect a guitar I know pretty much what to look for. The Schecter Diamond Series exuded features such as a straight thru neck (very impressive) grover keys, expensive looking hardware, and artistic flair such as the holes where the strings come through the body being staggered. Nice touch. Bottom line is I can't find very much bad to say about this guitar.

Arnold Hickey rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-26.

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