Schecter Diamond Series Hellcat Reviews 5

I was wanting a better guitar and I saw this on ebay so I bought it with a double case and straplock system for $270usd.

This guitar is very sexy. I promise you that if you gig with it you will get laid. It has three pickups, the first has a dark goth feel the middle one sounds like a strat and the bottom one is very sharp. The five way selector gives you pretty much any sound you could want. Three months and it has only had to be tuned twice. The neck is awesome, its very fast but is easy to be accurate at the same time.

This should come in more colours, and its hard to find replacement parts, so dont break it.

It feels solid. Nice and heavy, you can tell its not going to fall apart. The paint job is high quality stuff. The hardwear is very reliable.

This is better than a stratocaster, it looks better than a strat too.

Metal Head rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-16.

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