Schecter Diamond Series SpitFire - 6 Reviews 5

I went to Guitar Center to get this GC exclusive item. I initially saw it in an advertisement for their year end clearence and couldn't resist it for the price ... only $250.

It is an over all, beautiful guitar. With it's deep black finish to it's Vector inlays, it just looks amazing. Also I love the sound and playabality of it.

there's a slight rattling whenever I fret very high, basically anything above the 8th fret, but you can't here it on an amp, so it doesn't really matter. The tuners could also be better. It was hard to think of something to improve on.

I've only had it a few days so far, but it's seems of pretty good quality. With a bolt on neck, it could be better, but come on, a Schecter for $250!

Overall it's probably my favorite guitar in my collection.

Alan BC rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-11.

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