Seagull 20th Anniversary Reviews 5

Paid 400$ for it at local music shop

Even thou this is my first guitar purchase(been playing with a friends ibanez and a hand me down cheapy electric from parents)i think i know a bit about guitars.This is one sweet deal.The tones are sharp and ring great. I'm not the best player in the world,but this thing felt great from the first moment i picked it up. It comes with a nice case and has a good finish on it.

Not much of anything. If i had one thing to complain about it would be that seagull logo. Sorry,but it just looks stupid.

This thing is handcrafted in canada and looks sharp. The finish was nice over the other s6 models i was looking at. I'm not a easy person on guitars and this one has held up great.

From begginer to advanced,for the price, you just can't beat it. It gives you sound quality that ya find in a much higher end guitar at a afforadable price. I can't stress the difference in this guitar froma 100$ less guitar. Worth every cent and more.

Eric rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-06.

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