Seagull Artist Series Mahogany Cedar Mosaic Reviews 5

I purchased this guitar from Capital Music Center in Seattle Washington. I paid $550 for the guitar and case. I was happy because I have seen this very guitar list for over $1,000. I bought this guitar after extensive research on guitar quality and price. I can hohnestly say that with all Seagull guitar models, you get much more than what you pay for.

I like the entire guitar. This is the only guitar that i could buy with a solid Mohagany back, solid cedar top, and a 3 way mahogany laminate on the sides for under $600. Though this guitar does have laminate sides, it has a very expensive solid wood sound that will improve with age. (as long as you play it.) The guitar consttructon is very tight. No detectable spaces where the neck joins with the body, and no detectabe space where the bridge joins with the top. I challenge you to look at other gu8itars near this price range and you will dind spaces between the above mentioned spots. I also like the wide neck and ease of playability.

THe stupid plastic tuning key heads. Should have at least been syhipped with metal. An easy fix though. Next, the cedar face is easily schratched and dinged. This is not a gig guitar. Buy a Seagull M or S series for gigs, camping trips, or to scare the in-laws. You get just about the same sound for less. Last, the B string sounds out of wack when depressed (especially on 1), no matter how tuned it is. I find this on all guitars though. Must be a problem with my ear.

Tight, refined, and built with pride.

People say the Seagull guitars are a great value. I never liked the word. Value is a word to justify buying an Escort or Kia. Actually, a KIA Rio is a Ford Escort in a cheap disguise. An Escort is a Pinto with a face lift. (By the way, I own a Daewoo, owned a Pinto, and dated a girl with an Escort so I can talk). Seagulls are not a great value, they are a great guitar. There it is there.

B. Fisher rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-31.

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