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I first saw this guitar in Brook Mays Music Store while looking for a Martin 12-string. I played the guitar and liked the sound. I checked the price on this guitar (sale listing of $349.00) and it was about $200.00 cheaper than the Martin I had been wanting to buy. I felt the sound of the Seagull was very good. (Maybe not as good as the Martin, but it was not worth the $200 difference in price to go for the Martin).

I like the sound of the Seagull. The volume produced from this guitar is really awesome. The guitar is fairly easy to play and seems to be well constructed. It is made from cedar and wild cherry wood. Also, the guitar is very appealing to the eye....nice and pretty. Workmanship seems very nice.

The neck is somewhat thick for me. I believe the Martin that I was looking at (D12X1) had a somewhat smaller neck. But, with a 12-string, you can expect a thicker neck than with a 6-string guitar.

The face of the guitar is made with solid cedar. It has a satin finish....very nice. The sides and back of the guitar are made from wild cherry wood, then stained a dark mahogany color. One thing I thought was interesting was the tapered headstock. The tuning machines are aligned in the headstock so that the strings are in a straight line all the way up the neck to the tuning machines. (Strings on most guitars travel at an angle from the end of the fingerboard to the tuning machines).

For the price, this guitar seems well worth the money I paid for it. I really like the sound. I would buy another one if something happened to this one.

Carl rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-26.

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