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First, I am responding to the review by the person who purchased a Seagull sms model guitar. The guitar you have is a sm6. Just type in Seagull sm6 in a search engine, and you will find info. The guitar is the same as a Seagull M6 Gloss. Your guitar has a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides (3 layer laminate). The reason it is tobacco colored is the wood darkens with direct contact with the sun. I believe your guitar was made in 1999. I just purchased a Seagull sm6 from a Music Center chain in Tacoma Washington. I was lucky because the salesperson accidentally found this guitar in the back and still in the origional case. The model they had on display was a newer M6 Gloss. I paid 400 US dollars after about an hour of dealing.

I love the high gloss. With some high gloss guitars, you get a "manufactured sound like the sound is funnelled through small plastic pvc piping. This guitar has the deep, rich sound of a seasoned solid body guitar. It is also easy to play due to a wider than average neck.

No dislikes whatsoever.

The construction is tight. This guitar also holds a tune for quite some time. The gloss is a 6 layer laquer and not the cheap finish you find in low end guitars. The way Seagull applies the finish helps pull out a quality sound. Also, even though it is not a solid body, the sm6 sound will improve with age.

With a lifetime guarantee and improving sound, I will always own a Seagull.

Brian rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-29.

After threatening my wife for ages that I would buy a guitar, she took me down to the local guitar shop before christmas where they were having a clearout sale. I guess she thought I was in a midlife crisis and a guitar would be a safer and cheaper christmas present than a Harley Davidson. The Guitar cost 300 second hand.

Sound and looks. It was easily the best sounding guitar in the shop and has a nice tobacco finish. Please note, I'm no expert and a jst for fun player.

I hadn't picked up a guitar in more than twenty years and so going straight to steel strings while out of practice was tough. (My fault not the guitar's) It goes out of tune quite quickly but I think this is due to the fact that we have a very dry appartment. (Again probably not the guitar's fault). I have a grumble with Seagull. The model I have is not in their current collection and I can't find information on their web-site about it. Also, they only list a postal address as a contact. An e-mail or even a fax number would be better.

I'm not a muso, but the guitar seems relatively old and still in great condition from looks and sound. So, I'm very happy. I can confidently say though that, if the quality is representative of Seagull guitars, then they are a safe investment.

I'm really pleased with the guitar, it's a joy to play and I'm sure it will keep me happy for a good many years. I'll be really happy once Seagull get their Web site sorted out.

Bernard Clark rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-29.

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